Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mister Acid Mouth

Just a few weeks into summer vacation, and my mind conjured Damien Crags, more commonly known as Mister Acid

There once was a young man who spoke words only to harm ones near him. For this vice, he was cursed to salivate acid when he speaks, so he may feel the burn he casts upon his victims. Until his death, and even into his grave and beyond, he was known as Mister Acid Mouth.

 So there's my story behind Mister Acid Mouth here.  And even though the ink cartridge in my rapidosketch was already half empty, it managed to do all the black in his hair without needing to be refilled.  So I hope you guys enjoy this first post, critiques welcomed :D

P.S.  Be sure not to let him lick your face.

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