Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rail Tracer2 (Finished)

I finished much quicker than I thought (and it came out much better than expected too)  This is the finished portrait of Claire Stanfield/Vino/ The Rail Tracer.  His clothes came out a lot better than expected, and I would like to credit MortuusDiaobolos on deviantArt, his ash and powder set was what gave the cloth and skin it's texture (particularly visible in the hat)

The sepia look was actually a cop out.  Since I hadn't had the brains to do a background first and also do the main skin layer on an opaque layer, I had to set two different layers (a color layer and a texture layer) one two different settings; the texture on multiply and the color on overlay.  Either way, it came out pretty nice.

Claire Stanfield/Vino/Rail Tracer belongs to Ryohgo Narita and Katsumi Enami

Art belongs to myself.

By the way, I only posted one of my deviantart links, but I actually have two, iveysaur83 and GasMaskMasquerade. Check them out, they have really two different styles of art that I use.

So pretty~

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